The ability to speak clearly and confidently is valuable skill for everyday life as well as for the workplace. However, while most people can probably speak coherently when given several days or weeks to prepare, a call to speak with little or no notice can induce a mind-numbing anxiety that results in a faltering, incoherent and unconvincing speech. Impromptu speaking training can drive your career forward, revealing you as a leader and team player who can clearly and confidently get a point across or help you make a welcome contribution to important family or social occasions.

This half-day workshop will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to gather and articulate their thoughts, think on their feet and speak with confidence and competence.

Speaking Without Fear – The Art of Impromptu Speaking will show delegates how to:
Anticipate occasions when impromptu speaking might be required
Master that perfectly natural anxiety
Control your breathing and body language to project confidence
Construct a clear and coherent outline or that impromptu speech
Buy yourself time to say what you want and how you want
Practice impromptu speaking

Who is this for?
Speaking Without Fear – The Art of Impromptu Speaking is for anyone who wants to have a greater impact in their professional and personal lives. This half day workshop is particularly appropriate for new managers who have just started managing their first team, those who want to develop greater confidence and personal presence and anyone seeking to develop essential leadership skills

Key Points
What is Impromptu Speaking?
Anticipating situations in which impromptu speaking may be require
The physical/psychological effects of impromptu speaking
Knowing your audience
Constructing your speech
Techniques to buy yourself time
Body language and eye contact
Anecdotes and humour
Continuing to develop your impromptu speaking skills
How to close
Handling questions

Price and Format
This is a Half-Day Day workshop and can be taken as either a morning or afternoon session:

Morning session: 9.30am – 1.30pm
Afternoon session: 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Due to its participatory nature, this workshop runs best with 8-10 delegates. Each course participant receives their own training notes.

The price for Speaking Without Fear – The Art of Impromptu Speaking as in-house training is just £495 per half-day.

This prices includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.