Personal development training can foster confidence, leadership skills and critical thinking throughout an organisation. The Sangam Solutions personal suite of products is carefully designed to meet both organisational and individual objectives.

The film Pursuit Of Happyness is based on the true-life experience of the lead character, Chris Gardner. In the film he says: “When I was at school and I got a good test score … I’d get this good feeling about all the things I could be and then I never became any of them”

The essence of this observation seems to be true for most people. When we are at school, the world is open to us and we have an almost limitless imagination for our lives, but as we grow up our imagination becomes shaped and tempered. We continue to have good feelings about all the things we could be, but as adults, our feelings and imagination are kept safely under lock and key and we tend to put up with the lives we end up living.

The Personal Development suite of products is about unleashing that suppressed imagination we have for ourselves and ensuring that we develop the skills and knowledge required to shape our lives as we want them to be.

Furthermore, uncertain times and a rapidly shifting business environment demand that employers and employees alike nurture greater personal responsibility, more widely applicable skill-sets and the ability to engage with a global market.

For employers supporting personal development results in staff who are creative, adaptable and able to demonstrate improved personal performance and work beyond their expected skill levels to encourage greater team cohesion and productivity.

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