It is said that ‘life is not about what you know but who you know’ and to a large extent that is exactly so. All human life is about interaction with other people. At work, at home, in your social life or in business; who you know, the people with whom you mix and do business can either be wearing and distracting or can help you find focus and a richer quality of life.

This is a course that will help delegates identify their own strengths, unearth their hidden value and learn how to project themselves to others as they wish to be seen. Delegates will learn how to draw people to themselves, feel more in charge of the direction their lives are taking and discover the truth of the maxim ‘It’s you they buy’.

In the UK, ‘networking’ has become something of a dirty word because British culture tends to frown on self-promotion and, to some people, the whole concept of networking seems to suggest a calculated manipulation. Networking for a Richer Life is about developing skills and habits which will enable delegates to live life purposefully, but are far from manipulative or self-aggrandising.

Delegates will learn how to look closer at themselves and others so that they can develop their own style of communication, put others at ease and learn about the subtleties of conversation, charisma and cultivating networks. As always with Sangam Solutions products, the aim is to develop a coherent and consciously directed life.

Networking for a Richer Life will enable participants to:
Explore techniques for suppressing the fear of meeting new people
Understand the principles of effective verbal and non-verbal communication
Know how to join conversations, build rapport and develop lively conversations
Develop and rehearse their own crisp, clear way to introduce themselves so that others will want to get to know them further
Know how join and leave groups
Present themselves professionally and articulately
Develop effective skills for networking and maintaining relationships
Appreciate the impact of self-confidence and charisma
Create enriching new networks and refresh existing ones

Who is this for?
Networking for a Richer Life is for anyone who wants to develop the skills needed for effective business networking, presenting themselves in an impactful manner, and building relationships that will enrich their lives beyond simply financial gain.

Key Points
What is Networking?
Attract, Leverage, Retain – what about the human factor?
Who are YOU and what do YOU want from your life?
Internal and external networks – the importance of relationship
Tools for successful networking
Factors or managing networks
Developing your power of attraction
Working the room
How to manage your network and keep it thriving

Price and Format
This 1 Day course commences at 9.30am and finishes at 5.00pm (including lunch and tea breaks)

Due to its participatory nature, this workshop runs best with 8-12 delegates. Each course participant receives their own training notes.

The price for Networking for A Richer Life as in-house training is just £795 per day.

This prices includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.