Twitter, blogs and other online content are forms of micromessaging which are used as tools for marketing or disseminating information but humans have been using far more subtle types of micromessaging for many thousands of years in order to say what they really mean in any given situation.

Dr Mary Rowe of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the person who coined the term ‘the glass ceiling’ in order to describe barriers to promotion for women in the workplace. Her research into human workplace behavior has also revealed that human beings transmit a stream of micromessages alongside their overt communication. These micromessages are small and subtle forms of non-verbal communication, which can nevertheless have a profound impact on workplace performance and productivity.

This subtle communication can be used to encourage, spark creativity and enhance leadership but can also discourage, cause individuals to withdraw and erode performance. Our conscious and unconscious micromessaging can have a direct impact on the workplace and on how an individual presents and is perceived in business. Micromessaging For Success will enable delegates to identify and respond to the micromessages being sent by themselves and others and to consciously shape their own micromessaging in order to have greater impact in the workplace.

Who is this for?
This masterclass is for all staff and will introduce delegates to the concept of micromessaging, demonstrate the impact of micromessaging and equip delegates with the tools and skills required to identify, modify and respond positively to micromessaging.

Key points
Culture and communication
Words, Tone and Non-Verbal Communication
Why do we use micromessaging?
Subtle communication and the power of micromessaging
Micromessaging at work
Communicating for success
Tools for action
Action Plan

Price & Format
Due to the participatory group work nature of the course, the course runs best with 8 – 18 delegates.  Each course participant receives their own training notes.

As in-house training Micromessaging for Success is a 3 hour seminar priced at just £395 per seminar.

This includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.