The business environment has changed significantly in recent years and intercultural working is becoming the norm. Thanks to rapid communication, ease of international transport and globalisation of markets and workforces it is not unusual to find a workplace which includes culturally blended teams.

However, cultural differences and misunderstandings can impede effective communication and interpersonal relationships e.g. miscommunication, missed deadlines, work having to be redone, low team morale and a tense working environment. Increased cultural diversity in the workplace, where people from different cultures interact and are expected to perform and make decisions, means that such misunderstandings and conflicts can occur daily.

Our intercultural working training enables staff to appreciate and embrace cultural difference and communicate effectively across diverse cultures and can help give businesses a competitive advantage by enhancing their cultural competence. This one day workshop will help teams and individuals explore the benefits and challenges that come about from having a multicultural workforce, the issues that might surface in culturally diverse groups, and methods for handling conflict arising from cultural misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Our intercultural working training will equip delegates with skills, information and resources that will help them work effectively with colleagues from diverse cultures, deliver a meaningful service and help employers gain a greater return on investment in their culturally diverse workforce.

By the end of this workshop participants will:
Be aware of the impact of culture on attitudes and behaviour
Have an appreciation of the positive potential of cultural diversity in the workplace
Be able to explain the links between culture, communication and the expectation and interpretation of behaviour
Be equipped with a model to avoid and repair costly misunderstandings and conflicts in intercultural working environments
Develop skills for improving working relationships and ‘getting the job done’ in an intercultural context
Explore the challenges faced by colleagues of diverse cultures living and working in the UK
Acquire practical tips and tools to help interact positively and sensitively with colleagues from diverse cultures

Who is this for?
This course is for all staff and managers

Key points
What is culture and why is it so important?
The business benefit of cultural diversity in the workplace
Cross cultural competence & Intercultural Working
Culture and Identity – Who do you think YOU are?
Culture shock – or expectation vs reality
Stereotypes, assumptions and perceptions
The business consequences of poor cross cultural communication
Recognising your inherent cross cultural competence
Communicating effectively across cultures
Anticipating misunderstandings and avoiding conflict
Agreeing to disagree
Practical tips and tools for supporting culturally diverse teams

Price and Format
This is a full day workshop. Due to its participatory nature of this session runs best with 8 – 18 delegates.  Each course participant receives their own training notes.

Our price for in-house training at your choice of venue is just £795 per day.

This price includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.