The products and services in our Intercultural Training suite are designed to help private sector, public sector, charities and individuals develop intercultural competence – the ability to appreciate cultural difference and communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, vendors and service users from diverse cultures – and help our clients gain an advantage when dealing with their global partners and colleagues.

The BRICs countries of India, China, Russia and Brazil and the MINT nations of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey are expected to be the economic superpowers of the future. In such a future, businesses, management and staff alike need to be properly prepared if they are to capture their share of the new economic realities. Intercultural training enables businesses wishing to be successful in a world of globalisation and shifting economic centres of importance to become effective at intercultural working, by developing both cultural insight and cultural competence.

For business and education in particular, an increase in culturally mixed workforces, student intakes and partnerships with companies from the European Union and emerging economic superpowers (such as China and India) are some of the outcomes of the rapidly developing global business environment. In such an environment, the ability to build sound intercultural working relationships and successful business partnerships across diverse cultures and a within a culturally mixed workforce or student body are essential skills.

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