In today’s working environment, the ability to influence and persuade people is a core skill of the effective person. Success as a team leader, manager or junior often depends upon the ability to influence and persuade team members, colleagues and stakeholders at all levels.

Being able to build relationships, communicate confidently and remain assertive even under pressure, are all essential elements of the ability to influence and persuade others. So too are a strong sense of self-esteem, clarity of purpose and the ability to understand what motivates other people.

This introductory one-day workshop will enable delegates to be more confident, influential and persuasive, by means of recognising the link between communication skills and the impact they can have on others.

Effective Influencing & Persuading Skills will enable participants to:
Build self-esteem and confidence in dealing with people
Become more active listeners
Use appropriate language to persuade
Develop more effective and creative working relationships
Influence people to change willingly
Communicate with increased confidence at meetings
Take the first steps to becoming opinion shapers

Who is this for?
Effective Influencing & Persuading Skills is an introductory level course for anyone who wants to develop the skills needed to persuade and influence others.

Key Points
What does Influencing & Persuading mean?
Negative influences – what does persuade and what does not
Preparing to be influential – building trust and credibility
Exploring others’ motivational strategies – listening, questioning and observing
Reducing conflict – Using assertion to avoid negative responses
Getting your ideas accepted
Action plan

Price and Format
This 1 Day course commences at 9.30am and finishes at 5.00pm (including lunch and tea breaks)

Due to its participatory nature, this workshop runs best with 8-12 delegates. Each course participant receives their own training booklet.

Our price for Effective Influencing & Persuading Skills as in-house training is just £795 per day. 

This prices includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.