Diversity & Inclusion training is not something that is merely ‘nice to have’ in times of prosperity. Our present and future economic success demands that we learn how to be more effective and productive in a working environment which is increasingly diverse – be it through increased cultural diversity, an increasingly wider age range for staff, increasing adaptation to varying levels of physical ability or having to work in partnership with partners and colleagues situated in diverse countries. Diversity & inclusion training helps people see value in connecting and working positively with others who they see as ‘different’ from themselves and reduces the likelihood of workplace conflicts and misunderstanding arising from increasingly diverse values and attitudes.

However, our own unconscious biases and stereotypes about such factors as age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, other cultures can make tasks such as managing diverse teams and finding work an even greater challenge in these difficult times. Diversity and inclusion training provides more than just a tick box for employers to fulfill one aspect of their legal responsibilities, it helps delegates develop a set of skills and knowledge essential to ensuring effective application of UK/EU diversity legislation and equips staff and employers for ensuring a more productive working environment and greater success in a dynamic global market.

Given the business and economic realities in which we work, the objective of our diversity & inclusion suite of training products is for delegates to move beyond theory and politically correct dogma about equal opportunities and think about how they can meaningfully participate in creating a workplace they value, actively develop the life they really want and successfully access the world of opportunities offered by the global market. In short, to explore the human common factors that can enable us to work effectively and more productively with colleagues no matter how diverse our working environment may be.

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