Valuing diversity and equality of opportunity (inclusion) in all of its forms is an essential part of contemporary working life. Diversity & inclusion training is essential because awareness of the challenges, opportunities, rights and responsibilities afforded by diversity and inclusion laws and policies is essential for both employers and employees in contemporary Britain.

Current legislation in respect of diversity and inclusion provides for identification of, and robust response to, incidences of discrimination, harassment or victimisation. While ensuring that delegates are informed of relevant legislation, this diversity & inclusion training workshop is based on the view that training in diversity and inclusion is better received and acted upon when the emphasis is placed on the benefits of compliance – in terms of business outcome, enhanced equality of opportunity and a better working environment.

At the end of this diversity & inclusion training delegates will be able to:
Understand their rights and responsibilities under current UK/EU diversity and inclusion legislation
Understand the impact of assumptions, prejudice, stereotyping and unconscious bias on fairness in the workplace
Recognise how important communication is with respect to identifying and challenging inappropriate behaviour
Appreciate the importance of vicarious liability and its potential impact on budgets and core aims of the organisation
Identify the 4 ways in which our personal dislikes can be manifested in unfair treatment of others and whether any of these is acceptable

Who is this for?
This course is for all staff and managers

Key Points
Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – Defining Terms and Business Case
Legislation – The Equality Act 2010
Discrimination, Harassment, Victimisation & Vicarious Liability
Positive Action & Positive Discrimination
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – Competing Equalities and a Fair Working Environment
Demographic Reality & Challenge
Assumptions, Prejudice, Stereotyping and Unconscious bias
Advantage, Disadvantage and Inclusion
Saying what you mean – Communicating advantage and disadvantage
Culture and communication
The power of micromessaging
Communicating for inclusion
Action Plan

Price and Format
This 1 day diversity & inclusion training workshop commences at 9.30am and finishes at 4.45pm (including lunch and tea breaks)

Due to the participatory group work nature of the course, the course runs best with 8 – 18 delegates. Each training delegate receives their own training notes.

Our price for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace as in-house training is just £795 per day. 

This includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.