In today’s busy workplace the time available for training is at a premium. Sangam Solutions Bite-Sized training Workshops are designed to fit around the working day – e.g. as breakfast or lunchtime events.

Bite-sized training works best when taken along with longer training sessions but there are many immediate benefits for employer and employee alike.

Employer benefits of Sangam Bite-Sized training workshops
Less disruptive of the working day
Potential to save 50% or more on booking costs
Usually in-house, thereby saving on travel and accommodation costs
Improved retention – far higher than on longer training courses

Employee benefits of Sangam Bite-Sized training Workshops
Focused learning. More of the information you need. Less of the stuff you don’t
They provide an easy way to get back into learning
Shorter length helps reduce likelihood of ‘information overload’

These popular and cost-effective workshops cut to the chase and provide practical tools and ideas that can be put to work straight away!

In order to ensure cost-effectiveness, we request that clients book a minimum of two Bite-Sized workshops per day.

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