Our bite-sized religion & belief training workshop provides valuable information and support in respect of the Employment Equality (Religion & Belief) Regulations 2003 and the Equality Act 2010.

Current legislation for the UK applies to religion, religious belief or similar philosophical belief. So, for example, not not only is someone who is a Christian Jew or Muslim is protected by the law against unfair treatment such as discrimination but also someone who is an atheist, secularist or humanist.

This bite-sized religion & belief workshop will help staff and employers alike avoid potential workplace conflict by considering the impact of current legislation on such things as requests prayer rooms for religious observance, time off for religious observance during particular festivals or rites of passage, the place of religious clothing or jewellery at work and people talking about their religious belief at work.

At the end of this training delegates will be able to:
Identify the eight largest religious groups in the UK
Consider why there is regional variation to the various faith communities
Understand the legal obligations of both employer and staff regarding religion and belief at work
Explore the different types of adjustments that can be made to accommodate people’s religion or belief in the workplace

Who is this for?
This course is for all staff and managers

Key Points
Belief systems and faith patterns in Great Britain – demographic changes
What is meant by ‘Religion or Belief’
Getting to know our neighbours – learning about the eight different faith communities
Legal requirements and practical considerations e.g. food, holidays, dress, etc.
Understanding how unconscious bias can lead to value judgements about others’ religion or belief
Recognising the needs of different faiths in the workplace
Building good relations with people of different faiths and beliefs – our role in valuing diversity

Price and Format
This is a 2.5 hour session. Due to its participatory nature of this bite-sized religion & belief workshop runs best with 8 – 16 delegates.  Each course participant receives their own training notes.

The price for in-house training at your choice of venue is just £295 per session. In order to ensure cost-effectiveness, we request that clients book a minimum of two Bite-Sized workshops per day.