Most people approach public speaking with a mixture or fear and hope; fear of speaking in front of others and hope that they will survive the event. Our bite-sized public speaking workshop will help you overcome such fears and help develop the confidence to speak confidently in front of others. Public speaking is a core business skill, vital for those who would like to succeed. Whether you work alone or as part of a team you will need to speak in public at some time. Whatever the circumstance, speaking with confidence and clarity will be essential to demonstrating your leadership ability and may determine how you and your organisation are perceived.

This introductory workshop will enable participants to:
Discover the key elements of successful public speaking
Identify the barriers to effective public speaking and learn how to overcome them
Learn techniques to enhance their own personal public speaking style
Discover the importance of breathing, voice modulation and silence
Become aware of conscious and unconscious body language

Who is this for?
Our bite-sized public speaking training workshop is for anyone who wants to have a greater impact in their professional and personal lives. This workshop is particularly appropriate for new managers who have just started managing their first team, those who want to develop greater confidence and personal presence and anyone seeking to develop essential leadership skills

Key Points
Should you fear public speaking?
Knowing your audience, Knowing yourself
Structure that speech
Voice modulation and silence
Body language and eye contact
Anecdotes and humour
Props and visual aids
Handling questions

Price and Format
This is a 2.5 hour session. Due to its participatory nature, this bite-sized public speaking workshop runs best with 8 – 16 delegates.  Each course participant receives their own training notes.

The cost for in-house training at your choice of venue is just £295 per session. In order to ensure cost-effectiveness, we request that clients book a minimum of two bite-sized public speaking workshops per day.