The Sangam Solutions Bite-Sized diversity training workshop will help delegates develop the awareness and understanding of current diversity law required to help limit the danger of potential liability arising from harassment, discrimination, and other employment related risks.

While ensuring that delegates are informed of relevant legislation, our bite-sized diversity training is based on the view that diversity and inclusion training is better received and acted upon when the emphasis is placed on the benefits of compliance and the human common factors that can enable us to work effectively and more productively with colleagues, no matter how diverse our working environment may be.

At the end of this training delegates will be able to:
Understand their rights and responsibilities under current UK/EU diversity and inclusion legislation
Appreciate how the legislation impacts an organisation’s policies and procedures with respect to diversity and inclusion
Be aware of the power and origins of unconscious bias
Understand the impact of assumptions, prejudice and stereotyping on fairness in the workplace
Recognise the importance of vicarious liability and its potential impact on the organisation
Be able to reinforce models of good practice in diversity and inclusion in employment
Identify the ways in which our personal dislikes can be manifested in unfair treatment of others and whether any of these is acceptable

Who is this for?
This course is for all staff and managers

Key Points
Diversity & inclusion in the workplace – Defining Terms and Business Case
Discrimination, Harassment, Victimisation & Vicarious Liability
Positive Action & Positive Discrimination
Assumptions, prejudice, stereotyping and unconscious bias
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – Competing Equalities and a Fair Working Environment
Advantage, Disadvantage & Inclusion
Tools for action

Price and Format
This is a 2.5 hour session. Due to its participatory nature our bite-sized diversity training workshop runs best with 8 – 12 delegates.  Each course participant receives their own training notes.

The cost for in-house training at your choice of venue is just £295 per session. In order to ensure cost-effectiveness, clients are requested to book a minimum of two Bite-Sized diversity training workshops per day.