This workshop is about being yourself, with all the confidence and vitality you imagine yourself having. It’s about having and demonstrating the self-belief and skills to communicate confidently and encourage others to trust and believe in you.

In a world which requires individuals to develop their own portfolio of skills and achievements, hesitancy and quiet presence can prevent you from achieving all that you are capable of. Have you ever wished you could say ‘No’ instead of ‘Yes’? Are you nervous in new situations or when meeting new people? Do you wish you could project the positive and capable person you really are? If so, this assertiveness training workshop is for you!

If this is the kind of person you want to be, Assert Yourself! Be Yourself! will provide you with the skills and techniques you need to communicate with confidence and clarity, make you more assertive and help you project that calm, positive and capable image you desire.

At the end of this course delegates will:
Have learned the difference between aggression and assertiveness
Have gained an understanding of their own barriers to living an assertive life
Have learned several techniques and strategies for developing self esteem and personal confidence
Be able to identify ways in which to put their learning into practice at work and in their personal lives

Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to develop greater confidence and personal presence and to have a greater impact in their professional and personal life.

Key points
Assertiveness, aggression and getting what you want
Self-esteem and personal identity
Changing your thinking to increase self-confidence
The circle of excellence
Assertive communication
Saying ‘No’
The impact of decisions
Managing conflict, confrontation and disagreement
Strategies for assertive and positive outcomes

Price & Format
This 1 Day workshop commences at 9.30am and finishes at 4.45pm (including lunch and tea breaks)

Due to the participatory group work nature of the course, the course runs best with 8 – 12 delegates.  Each course participant receives their own training notes.

The price for Assert Yourself! Be Yourself! Building Confidence and Self Esteem as in-house training is just £795 per day.

This includes all materials, facilitator fees and expenses – UK price only. Pricing for courses outside the UK is available on request.